What are the main skills recruiters need to look at during the hiring process?



Employees are the backbone and crucial to the success of any organization irrespective of the field. No matter how advanced technology can zoom ahead, human intervention in taking crucial managerial and financial decisions is necessary.  According to a Manpower survey 2021, 69% of corporations in the US are struggling to find the right talent, which is 14% increase in comparison to the year 2010. With the Covid scenario taking a backseat and an increase in the number of job opportunities, 70% of job seekers are passively looking out for a change in job and climb up the career ladder. [1]

The Big Challenge

According to the survey done by Glassdoor, a typical job posting attracts 250 probable resumes. This becomes a greater challenge to the recruiters to filter out the right candidate for their organization and whether the candidate is the right fit for the job description. It also becomes important to know whether the job seeker is active or passive, which is dependent on multiple factors. According to top online job portal LinkedIn, 70% of the job seekers are passive- which brings the stakes even tougher for the recruiters. 

The Crucial Steps

A good resume is obviously the first filtering factor to be used by the hiring managers to get the cream of the possible workforce [2]. An ideal resume should be crisp and speak about the work experience along with individual strengths and weaknesses. Once a probable candidate is considered based on a professional resume, the next step is to understand the candidate in person and analyze whether he/she is a right fit for the job description. 

They Must-Have Skills like :

Irrespective of the organization, the nature of job, or the hiring level, some mandatory skills have to be searched in the probable employee:

  1. Optimistic Attitude: The job seeker should display optimism and show positivity towards the organization and the work. A defeatist attitude or low confidence in the candidate is always a red flag.

  2. Strong Communication Skills: The candidate should have excellent communication skills because once he/she starts working for the organization, they will have to communicate well within their assigned team and also with higher-level management. A candidate with excellent communication skills reduces the workload and last-minute challenges for the organization to a great extent.

  3. Growth Mindset: Whether a startup or an established organization, a growth mindset makes all the more difference in the success story. While recruiting a new candidate to the organization, the recruiter needs to look at whether the growth mindset is reflected during the interview. A growth mindset is all about moving forward, being ahead of the game in the competitor race, and being driven towards [3]

  4. Willingness to Contribute: The candidate must show a certain degree of willingness to join the company and affinity towards the applied job. With many passive applicants in the online job market who are casually looking out, willingness is an important yardstick to select a candidate for the job.

  5. Leadership and Team Building: A common misconception in the recruitment market is that leadership qualities have to be seen in higher-level management roles but not for entry-level or mid-level roles. Team building attitude is a long-term skill that becomes crucial for the organization’s growth in the future.  Hence, even if it is a technical job and doesn’t involve many team-leading skills, the candidate should display a basic level of leadership and team-building skills. [4]

The Massive Challenge 

Hiring the right candidate for a new or existing team in the organization is highly time-bound and an edge-of-the-sword game. Organizations' struggle to get the right candidate based on multiple job descriptions is a painstaking process and this is the reason consulting services come to rescue. By taking the requirements and all skills the organization is looking for, the dynamic consulting services team brings the right candidate within no time.  Organizations are ready to invest much of their revenue into staff consulting and it is greatly effective and saves a lot of time.

Solution – is right here!

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