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A business with no cyber security system is susceptible to innumerable threats concerning company databases and cryptic information. It might also be subjected to frequent security breaches rendering the workplace unproductive. Similarly, marketing tools without analytical software and from a consumer point of view, streaming services without the ‘recommended’ section will have no utility in the market.   

What is Artificial Intelligence?  

AI is an extension of computer algorithms that deals with collecting databases and inputs after producing results based on the analysis, which resembles human intellect in processing.   

The core services provided through AI tools resemble human intelligence as they work on similar concepts. A straightforward yet effective case of the above notion is the use of AI in data analytics for marketing and AI in the Internet of Things (IoT).  

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The extensiveness of AI is such that 38% of the healthcare providers in the industry have set up a computer assistant for diagnosis, as stated by Gartner.  

Core fields in AI that are beneficial to almost every industry  

Artificial intelligence is a vast subject with an array of areas to support its services, and the main three services provided by AI are machine learning, deep learning, and automation.   

Machine learning  

Machine learning is a program that works on statistics, research, and data analysis to conclude building analytical algorithms to aid the working of artificial intelligence. Ml tools can be used in a business to enable robotic processes to automate tasks, saving labor and costs. Ml (machine learning) helps perform tasks requiring intelligence levels, such as recommendation engines, chatbots, etc.  

Deep learning  

It is a field in artificial intelligence that helps computer programs to mimic human activities in amalgamation with the intelligence it has birthed through data processing or, in simple terms, via experiences.   

It is the core concept behind services like virtual assistants, driverless cars, and medical devices, where there is a need for human-like intelligence while performing activities.   


The use of software or a machine to perform repetitive tasks which require very few human inputs is called automation. While automation can be achieved without artificial intelligence in the programming, complex automated tasks such as speech recognition, consumer recommendation based on interest, analysing databases for automated marketing tools, AI integrations are required.   

IA or Intelligence automation refers to a hybrid unification of RPA and AI for performing high-end automated tasks such as decision making, administrative management, etc.   

How does AI help businesses?  

The use of tools powered by Artificial Intelligence can enable a business to become more optimized, save workforce and cost to a great extent. Machine learning, a device powered by AI, saved Netflix a whopping $1Billion in 2017.   

There are various applications of AI in enterprises

Applications in marketing   

Companies can utilize AI-based services in marketing, such as anticipating market trends through analysis, search engine optimization, insights on target audiences, etc.   

Using artificial intelligence can help a marketing firm or a company increase their return on investment (ROI) after correctly interpreting the market data and adequately executing the strategy.   

Boosting e-Commerce websites  

Artificial intelligence services can help a company increase sales by 50%, using forecasts for projections, optimizing websites for continuous traffic, and optimizing customer journeys.   

These services have the potential to increase sales, customer retention, search engine ranking, and deliver better advertisements for more traffic.   

Aiding human resources  

Human resources, being the busiest department of the office can lessen its burden by utilizing numerous services enabled by AI and automating most of the recurring task's cycles that do not require high-level inputs. This includes documentation work, scheduled check-ups, resource accessibility, etc.   

Tools such as SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) can significantly lower the workload on employees, which will help them use their time and energy on more productive tasks.  

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Improving customer journeys  

Every business or enterprise in 2022 should be aware of Chatbots if they have not already incorporated the tool in their model. A chatbot is a program backed by machine learning that is already a part of 80% of marketers' customer marketing experience. It allows human-like conversation with customers through predetermined responses. In addition to chatbots, automated mailing systems and voice bots help in enhancing customer journeys.  

The era of technology has brought a transformation in the enterprises, adding to the efficiency in running a business, interacting with the consumers, and creating a presence with significant upgrades in infrastructure and business models.   

Adopting artificial intelligence is not a questionable subject; instead, the extent of AI integration in enterprises has been a hot topic for discussion.   

AI does not necessarily require a technical background for the company or its employees. Today, technology firms and agencies provide services to integrate artificial intelligence into the company infrastructure, saving them time, cost, and labor indefinite  

To effectuate smooth transfer and adopt AI into your workspace, contact Aviskaran, and we will help you apprehend the services, strategize a plan, and provide proper assistance throughout the transformation.   

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